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Planning for Mass Production

Things don’t always go as planned.

That was clearly the case when one of our clients, a company that has been working in Asia for quite a while, decided to acquire a new technology in order to expand their product portfolio. At the same time, however, they realized that they lacked experience with the manufacturing process of the new technology, so they contacted Nativ for the support they knew they needed.

Back to the drawing board

Soon after the client engaged Nativ for the project, we discovered that their chosen design simply was not suitable and would have resulted in significant yield loss during mass production. To correct the flaws, we guided the company to follow DFM (Design for Manufacturing) industry standards with the help of relevant manufacturing partners, and we connected them with a local design house and a local manufacturer. With the players in place, we were able to guide the development of a workable design and put in place relevant testing procedures.

This collaborative solution then allowed for the manufacturing process to become more robust and reliable.

For the client, it meant reduced risk of yield loss, reduced cost, and smooth communication among all of the companies involved in the project.

From design to delivery

Nativ’s role did not end with the design and planning for mass production. Once the product moved to production, we were there on the production floor to ensure proper understanding of the SOP, precise follow-up of the process flow, and to provide our client with ongoing reports from the production line guard against schedule drift and monitor the proper execution of the procedures.

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