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Bridging Cultural Gaps

Sometimes, even companies with experience operating in Asia find that cultural differences can pose seemingly insurmountable obstacles. For one design house in the optics field, that moment arrived when they needed to manufacture a 3D optic scanner module with an innovative and ground breaking design.

Unexpectedly, it was the innovative nature of the product that proved to be the biggest obstacle when they set out to find a provider. Coming from a traditionally risk-averse society, the Asian manufacturers they contacted were reluctant to try to manufacture the new product, preferring to stick to proven technologies. The cultural and language barriers they were running into, it seemed, just might be too high of a hurdle to cross.

That’s when the frustrated design house contacted Nativ to find a solution.

Knowing where to look

To tackle the problem, we began by leading an extensive needs assessment process to precisely identify the client’s needs and clearly convey them to prospective suppliers we were able to identify thanks to our presence on the ground. That local presence, coupled with our direct, personal engagement with the potential manufacturers enabled us to overcome their cultural reluctance and secure the participation of two qualified suppliers.

The product has since been successfully manufactured and installed in millions of units.

Nativ involvement in the process managed to turn the tables for a product that no party wanted to manufacture. Our contribution managed to:

  • Overcome culture and language barriers and recruit 2 manufacturers to take on a new initiative in a traditionally risk-averse culture.
  • Facilitate a successful rapport between local and overseas engineering teams. With active technical involvement on Nativ’s side.
  • 15% cost reduction made possible through careful design for manufacturing.
  • 30 % shortening of production time and time to market schedules.
  • Relieving logistics and administrative tasks – our local presence on site saved the client the need for at least 3 business trips to Asia, saving money and time.

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