What services can you provide?

Whether your need is for turnkey management of even the most complex manufacturing project, module assembly management, or stress-free sourcing, Nativ can provide a tailor-made solution for you.

What are the challenges of operating in Asia?

Newcomers to Asia need to adjust to an entirely new business environment, a different culture, overcome language barriers, and gradually build trust. All these obstacles can make the process of manufacturing and sourcing in Asia long, costly, and often frustrating.

How can Nativ Help with this?
Our experience and presence in Asia will help you bridge the gaps, minimize risk, and achieve your goals. We know that finding the right partner in Asia can be a challenging task. That is why our service will first help you choose the right solution according to your specific needs.
How can you smooth communication with providers?

The Nativ team is notable for both its strong engineering credentials and its ability to communicate in Mandarin, English, Russian, and Hebrew.

What is the advantage of your presence in Asia?

Our location in Taiwan gives us quick access to local suppliers and manufacturers. This helps us be your eyes and ears on the ground, which will lead to reduced response times to your queries and help save you from conducting meetings in Asia, in person.

Our knowledge of the DFC (design for cost) and DFM (design for manufacturing) processes allows us to represent your interests and keep your manufacturing process cost effective.

In addition, you can leverage our volume of orders to get a competitive price. Thanks to our repeat business and relatively large number of orders with our partners we are able to get a better price than would be quoted for a one-time order.

Can I find a provider myself via the internet?

Theoretically, you can, and sometimes we see clients who have gone that route first. But the pitfalls from cultural and language barriers can undermine your experience with even the most qualified and scrupulous provider, not to mention the risks of outright fraud. At Nativ, we are convinced that having an expert, experienced partner right there on the ground makes all the difference.

Who is our typical client?
We mainly deal with small to medium size high- tech companies in advanced stages of the product life cycle. Our clients have winning designs and products and need help in finding partners and establishing manufacturing operations in Asia.
What is working with Nativ like?
Our motto is ‘Always by your side’ – We are committed to ongoing quality, we are your “eyes and ears” in the field and guarantee close monitoring of the project until completion. Nativ’s clients receive the benefit of our proven capacity to understand and communicate their precise needs to qualified providers, and our scrupulous oversight of each project, customized to meet their requirements.
What products has Nativ manufactured in the past?
In the past years we have successfully executed manufacturing projects for numerous products including: Membrane Switches, Optical Components, PCBs, SMT and Assembly, Displays & Touch Panels and CNC & Stamping.
How can we start working together?
You are welcome to Contact Us, we will be happy to offer you a free consultation and see if we can help you out.
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