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Working With Nativ

At Nativ, we recognize and respect the fact that your project is a unique one that deserves a carefully tailored solution.

To achieve that, and to ensure that manufacturers fully understand and adhere to your parameters, we have drawn on our extensive on-the-ground experience to develop a template that ensures clear and problem-free communications and adherence to your specs throughout. Rest assured that we also have the flexibility required to tailor the process to each client’s specific needs.

1. Needs assessment

In order to communicate your needs and specifications to potential manufacturers or suppliers, we first work closely with you to clarify every aspect of your project.

This step typically includes executing an NDA and then asking you to provide us with a data sheet and, depending on the nature of the project, either drawings or a PRD. This needs assessment provides us with the information we need to successfully bridge the gap between you and potential providers.

2. Screening and identifying potential providers

At this stage, we will draw on our knowledge of the field to solicit commercial and technical feedback from several appropriate providers. Based on the responses received, we will recommend the most suitable candidates and assist you in making selections.

3. Technical Q&A

We will work closely with you during this step to clearly articulate and communicate all of the critical technical aspects of your project so that the provider can move forward without any missteps or misunderstandings. Generally, you will receive the initial production file at the end of this stage.

4. Sample preparations

This is one of the critically important stages at which Nativ’s physical presence near the production line offers you a big advantage, guaranteeing that your samples will get the attention they deserve. At this step, we perform both visual quality and functionality checks to ensure that the samples are properly fabricated to meet the production file and your specifications. At the end of this phase, we deliver the samples for your review and approval.

5. EVT – Engineering Verification Tests

Following your approval of the initial samples, we facilitate the manufacture of additional samples for further reliability testing. During this stage our close collaboration is crucial for optimizing both the product and the production file for mass production.

6. Production

Simply put, we are your eyes and ears on the ground at this stage, providing you with on-site monitoring throughout all phases of the production process.

7. Post-sales Support

Nativ’s service doesn’t end when the initial production run is complete. As your partner in Asia, we will continue to assist you in maintaining your relationship with the provider in order to make sure that your future needs for support and change requests are taken care of promptly.

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