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Achieving simplicity can be anything but simple.

That was the realization that brought VOCCA to Nativ for assistance in moving a ‘simple’ Plug & Play sound activated light switch adapter for smart homes from design to mass production. But that simple, elegant solution proved to be a complex one to achieve.

The challenge

Underlying the apparent simplicity of the light, was a design for a complicated product. The specs required high quality plastic molding, an integrated PCB that includes SMT, wire bonding and DIP technologies, and mechanical parts like the contacts that were manufactured using stamping technology (hydrographic water printing was used to paint the bulb’s round surfaces creating a high quality finish).

Our task was to turn the client’s drawing into a successful, mass-produced product that met all of the client’s design and functionality criteria. To that end, we managed the entire process and built an efficient supply chain that provided:

  • A flexible lead time, geographic proximity to the manufacturer, good distribution capabilities.
  • Tax efficiency and open communication channels.
  • A significant reduction in product lead time from the original 20 weeks to 8 weeks by finding and negotiating with alternative suppliers.

The end result is a cost-effective and technologically superior solution for VOCCA and another point of success and pride for Nativ.


I approached Nativ because we needed to outsource product manufacturing to Asia to achieve cost reduction as well as to adapt our design for mass production. Our product is complex, and Nativ helped me find the different manufacturers and make sure all the components came together. Their work managed to take a sketch and turn it to a working product and start mass production quickly, efficiently, and with a competitive price. I would recommend Nativ to companies who want to increase the efficiency of their manufacturing and gain professional perspective of their product’s suitability for mass production.Maggie Y

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