I approached Nativ for help in sourcing semi-conductor components. Nativ was able to help find a reliable supplier with a good price and deliver faster than expected. I enjoy working with Nativ because they are different than others. I don’t have to call, “nag”, or chase them for information. They update me and make sure they meet my time schedules. - Mr. Nir Sade, VP of Operations, Starcom Systems
We’ve been operating in Asia for many years and know how difficult it is to locate a reliable manufacturer.Through Nativ we got access to top  manufacturers in Taiwan and their executive team. Nativ’s on-site presence gave me better control over product quality and better accessibility to new manufacturing processes. They managed to increase product quality and reduce time-to-market. Nativ is the right choice for companies who wish to leverage an already existing network of relationships with Asian manufacturers. - Mr. Barak Harpaz, VP of Business Development, CPC High Technologies
I approached Nativ because we needed to outsource product manufacturing to Asia to achieve cost reduction as well as to adapt our design for mass production. Our product is complex, and Nativ helped me find the different manufacturers and make sure all the components came together. Their work managed to take a sketch and turn it to a working product and start mass production quickly, efficiently, and with a competitive price. I would recommend Nativ to companies who want to increase the efficiency of their manufacturing and gain professional perspective of their product’s suitability for mass production.   - Maggie Y, Procurement Director, Activocal
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