Rugged Touch Screen

Rugged Touch Screen

What our client needed went beyond the norm for conventional touch screens.

They needed a qualified manufacturer that could reliably and cost-effectively produce a rugged touch screen for mission-critical performance. The screen had to support high brightness, high resolution, and ensure sustained, uninterrupted performance in extreme environments – and be fully protected against dust, extreme cold and heat, shock, vibration, and other environmental stresses.

The challenge

Unlike conventional touch screens, this screen sits on a PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate – transparent thermoplastic often used as a glass substitute) substrate instead of glass which gives it the needed reliability and strength to withstand harsh conditions. The PMMA material had to go through a series of optimization sessions in order to meet the necessary optical requirements.

Guiding the process through all critical stages required an intimate knowledge of the manufacturing options to ensure highest quality, the ability to communicate the client’s precise specifications to the provider at all times, and ongoing oversight to maintain quality control to prevent possible optical defect issues.

Nativ’s solution

Based on our presence in the field and our proven approach to managing complex projects, we were able to secure and oversee the manufacture of durable screens compliant with MIL-STD standards.

That is an achievement that would have been difficult or impossible for the client communicating from a distance. Nativ’s deep experience in the region, however, enabled us to meet the client’s expectations and deliver a robust and rugged touch screen with attractive pricing and short lead time.

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