Our Process

What does manufacturing in Asia really mean? Over the years we have developed a system that allows our clients to communicate their needs efficiently to the manufacturers and make sure their needs are met correctly. The process below details what can you expect in each stage of working with us.

    1. Needs assessment

At this stage our goal is to gain an understanding of your needs and requirements. Following a Confidentiality Agreement, we will usually ask you for a data sheet, drawings or a PRD (depending on your product). This will help us relay your requirements to the manufacturer effectively.

    1. Screen and identify potential suppliers

We will send your requirements to several potential suppliers and get their technical and commercial feedback. We will recommend the most suitable suppliers and we will mutually decide with which ones to continue.

    1. Technical Q&A

We will facilitate the communication between you and the supplier to ensure that the technical aspects are clear and that the manufacturer can move forward to the next step. At the end of this stage you will usually receive the product’s initial production file.

    1. Sample preparations

This is a stage where our presence near the production line guarantees that your samples get the proper attention. We perform visual quality and functionality checks to make sure that the sample was fabricated according to the production file and the end customer’s specifications. Our on-site presence reduces the number of issues and helps our clients save time and potential travel expenses to Asia. At the end of this stage we will deliver the samples for your review and approval.

    1. EVT – Engineering Verification Tests

At this stage we will facilitate the manufacturing of additional samples for further reliability testing. At this stage our close collaboration is crucial for optimizing both the product and the production file for mass production.

    1. Production

On site manufacturing monitoring in all stages of the production process

    1. Post Sales Support

We will assist in maintaining your relationship with the supplier in order to make sure that your future needs for support and change requests are promptly taken care of.

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