Manufacturing Made Easy

Nativ is ready to guide you through the complete manufacturing process, whether you require End-to-End Project Management or Module Assembly Management focused on a limited number of components for a product.

  • We help you find and qualify the right manufacturer.
  • We facilitate critical communication across languages and cultures.
  • We save you the time, expense, and risk of negotiating an unfamiliar business landscape.
  • We act as your eyes and ears on the ground to ensure your product meets all specs.
  • We conduct ongoing on-site quality control throughout the production phase.

End-to-end Project Management

We can manage every facet of the project from design through final production and assembly, and achieve both a reduction in costs and needed technological improvements.

We worked with one of the world’s largest distributors of military products that had previously used European suppliers to assemble ruggedized PCs with optical display, processing power, and input devices (mouse, keyboard, touch panel), all required  to withstand harsh environments. When the assembly in Europe became too expensive, they began to look to Asia and entrusted Nativ with the project.

In another project, the world’s largest fuel cells manufacturer had to start producing more complex fuel cells, in a process that required introducing copper welding and aluminum welding. Nativ organized the manufacturing of heat exchangers in Taiwan with copper and aluminum welding, and launched mass production.

Module Assembly Management

We have both the expertise and the flexibility to manage any or all phases in the production of the most specialized technology components, through services customized to meet clients’ particular needs.

The worldwide leader in fleet management systems supplies needed a new solution for a professional cabling system to upload software to GPS device. In order to correct for an excessive lead-time and high cost at the original manufacturer, Nativ selected the optimal solution for the system, found the appropriate manufacturer to solve the problems, found the right quality/cost balance, and moved to manufacturing more complex models.

Nativ has the experience you need for success

Over the years, Nativ has served scores of technology companies from Israel, the U.S., Russia and elsewhere, successfully executing such diverse manufacturing projects as membrane switches, optical components, PCBs, displays and touch panels.

To learn what it’s like to have Nativ on your side for your next manufacturing project, Contact Us or see what it’s like Working With Nativ.

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