About Nativ

Nativ is an international EPS-contractor with unparalleled expertise in helping technology companies across sectors realize the benefits of manufacturing and sourcing in Asia.

Language barriers, unfamiliar business conventions, and differing cultural norms can add plenty of frustration and expense to what should be, and can be, a cost-effective and technically superior solution for consumer, medical, industrial, and defense companies from around the globe.

Nativ Bridges the Gap

Headquartered in Taiwan – a world leader in the production of high-quality technology hardware – Nativ is backed by more than 15 years experience operating in Asia. We bring to the table a unique and comprehensive menu of services, and the essential advantage of our physical presence in the place of manufacture.

We know the landscape, the markets, the language, the culture and perhaps most importantly  – we know the players, and have built the type of trust and relationships with them that will enable you to hit the ground running.

Superior Turnkey Manufacturing and Sourcing Solutions

Our turnkey manufacturing and sourcing solutions includes the assistance you need at every step – from finding the right provider and making sure your product receives the attention it deserves to controlling quality and price. Nativ is on the ground and on your side at every critical stage of your project, whether screening raw materials, overseeing production, or offering final inspection prior to shipment.

Focus on Quality

Typically our clients are interested in manufacturing in Taiwan since its local industry has a well established reputation for quality and excellence in manufacturing. We make sure our clients have eyes and ears on the ground to monitor and follow their product’s manufacturing process, and make sure that the manufacturing process is cost effective.

Your support team

Under the leadership of General Director Lior Lubinsky, who has 15 years of experience at executive positions in the field of electronics and equipment in Asia, the Nativ team is notable for both its strong engineering credentials and its ability to communicate in Mandarin, English, Russian, and Hebrew. The administrative team is further supported by associates in both the places of origin (clients) and places of supply (manufacturing/sourcing companies).

To find out more about how Nativ can meet the unique needs of your business, please visit our Working With Nativ page.

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