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With a focus on quality and cost control, we offer a variety of services tailored to your manufacturing and sourcing needs:

  • Identifying and qualifying the right suppliers and manufacturers for your needs. By sourcing the most advanced technology at the best price, we save you time and money.
  • Ongoing and on-site rigorous quality control. Hands on monitoring of the manufacturing process, acquirement of full warranties, and assuring adherence to precise schedules means your products are ready on time and at the level of quality you expect.
  • Industry know-how. Our deep understanding of the DFC (design for cost) and DFM (design for manufacturing) processes allows us to best represent your interests and keep your manufacturing process cost effective.
  • Volume prices. You can leverage our high volume of orders to get a competitive price. Thanks to our repeat business and relatively large amount of orders with our partners, we are able to get a better price than would be quoted for a one time order.
  • Eyes and ears on the ground. Our location in Taiwan gives us quick access to local suppliers and manufacturers, reduces response times to your queries, and even helps you save on travel expenses to Asia.
  • Benefit from our network. Over the years we have built a reputation and network that gives us access to the best manufacturers in the market. We use these connections to represent your best interests.

Take a look at our manufacturing and sourcing pages for more information on these services.


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